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    Hi Guys,
    I don't post very often but maybe some of you would be interested.
    I am going to Barbados from 5 to 12 Dec 2015.
    My call is 8P9EZ.
    The resort I am staying at has never hosted a ham operation, so a new experience for them. In keeping with the crawl before walking concept, I am going to be light on this trip. Equipment will consist of a Flex 1500, HFpacker V4, Ldg Tuner. The antenna will be a Super MP1 portable covering 40 thru 10. I will have a 20m dipole as backup in my bag. There are some tall palms by my cottage but cross that bridge next trip.
    Ops will be primarily RTTY, CW and the JT modes.
    Look forward to working a number of CommCaters.
    Marty W8AKS/8P9EZ