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  • World Activity Map online

    The new World Activity Map is now integrated into the MyQSX site. Click the Activity Map page to see the new map, which now includes the latest DX spots, lines from each DX spot to the spotter (approximate), and nighttime shading. Use the map to get a quick overview of propagation around the world.

    The DX pins are color coded for each band using the standard electronic color code. For example, a DX spot on 20 meters is shown with a red/brown pin.

    Night shading does not show on Internet Explorer versions earlier than 7.0 due to a technical limitation in the older IE browsers.

    Click the Satellite view to see urban lighting at night. The shading is not used on the hybrid map.

    Each pin has its own MyQSX web page. Click the pin for a DX spot to open the info balloon, then click the link in the balloon to open the web page. A list of spot comments for that spot is shown in the About box. By reviewing the comment list you can learn more about the operating status for that station.

    Thanks go to Ange, W8ERN, and Robb, WB2HNP, for their helpful suggestions while the new map was being tested.
    Howard W6HN