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  • World Activity Map test

    I've enhanced the World Activity Map and am now running tests to make sure the additions work well.

    The most recent DX Spots are now shown using a green pin.

    A green line shows the path to the spotter.

    Click the pin to open the QSXer page for that call. You'll seen the spot comment history in the About box.

    I've added a daylight overlay so you can see the grayline.

    Let me know what you think, and I'm always open to suggestions for improvements and further enhancements.

    Take a look here:
    Howard W6HN

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    MAP Test


    I like the new concept, but the display is totally black on the nighttime parts of the world and is impossible to see the places your are pinpointing.

    Am also a little confused by the connecting lines between all those stations...what's the story on those?

    Hope all is well with you, and as always, we appreciate your diligent efforts!

    73, Robb WB2HNP


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      Hi Robb--

      Thanks for your input, just what I was looking for!

      I do have control over the opacity of the night shading, and can easily make it lighter. I was trying to reach a compromise--when it is too light it doesn't show well on the satellite or hybrid views. With a bit more coding I can compensate for that difference as well. (Could you capture a screen shot of what you are seeing and send it to me via e-mail...then I can look for differences.)

      The lines show the straight-line path to the spotter. If you follow the line from the pin it ends at the approximate location for the spotter. With the lines you can see propagation conditions.

      One green pin doesn't actually connect to another green pin, unless each spotted the other. If you zoom in you can see what is happening.
      Howard W6HN


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        OK, take a look at the revised map and let me know what you think...

        The map shading is lighter, satellite shading darker, and I've removed the shading from the composite map.

        In addition, I've color coded the pins (using the standard color codes) so you can see what band the station is on.

        Howard W6HN


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          Night rendering showing as opaque

          I've learned that the night shading problem noted by Robb is a problem with Internet Explorer 6 and earlier. The night shading is fine on Firefox and IE7.
          Howard W6HN