I've improved a few features on MyQSX which will help with navigation.

The Find Call box at the top of each page is a way to display the home page for any call. In the past, the QSXer page for the call you entered was displayed. MyQSX now shows the CommCatLive home page for those who are using CommCatLive, and QSXer pages for everyone else. If you know someone is using CommCatLive, this gives you a quick way to see their Live home page.

The search function also looks up US calls and displays a QSXer page if that call isn't registered with MyQSX.

If you leave the call box empty and click Find Call, you are returned to the MyQSX Activity Map page.

The second improvement adds a link to the MyQSX Activity Map on CommCatLive home pages. This link has always been on QSXer pages. The link gets you back to the Activity Map with one click.

I also found a glitch on the CommCatLive bearing dial. If someone has a rotor connected to CommCat, you will now see both the rotor bearing (green pointer) and the DX bearing (red pointer) on the dial.