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  • MyQSX Home Page fixes

    I've fixed two problems on the Home page. The Twitter log list had stopped updating, and the current DX Bulletin column was broken. Both are now back up.

    The folks at Twitter converted to a more secure sign-on system (think LoTW). Before, you could simply post the account and password to send a status update. The new system requires "secret" tokens and passwords, plus several layers of back-and-forth between the client (you) and the host (them). CommCatLive has an option that sends a Tweet to the CommCat Twitter timeline each time you log a contact. You can see this list on the MyQSX Home page, or directly from Twitter at

    The DX Bulletin is provided by the ARRL. The ARRL updates the bulletin once a week with the latest DX news. When the ARRL upgraded their web site, they no longer proved the bulletins in the original format. I sent several email messages to them asking if they planned to restart the feed, but never heard back. I went to plan B and wrote new code to get the bulletins using their new format.
    Howard W6HN