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    I can not see my S meter or other CommCat live users S meter graph. This happens from the Comcat Live window when this window is opened from the main ComCat window. I click the ComCat live button and I see my and other status info but not the S meter graph instead I see a demo screen. Now if I open CommCat live with a new window or from CommCat Live settings, S meter, test etc, it works. This problem started yesterday, so I downloaded and installed latest version 4.8 and still can not see any S meter info from the main CommCat window.

    John KF5UMC

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    Hi John,

    The CommCat Live S-meter view is working here, and there have been no other reports of a problem. We will need to do some sleuthing. Please send a screen shot of what you are seeing to my direct email. hlnurse (at) What operating system are you using?

    The next step is to delete CommCat from your Control Panel, then reinstall 4.8.

    Howard W6HN