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A 5th menu tab for "Logbook"

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  • A 5th menu tab for "Logbook"

    Hi Howard,
    I'm really enjoying CommCat Live, as are the visitors to my site. It would be nice to have an option to display a larger portion of my log book than just the last 4 QSOs on the front page and I was wondering if this could be considered as a 5th menu tab which would be selected as an option in Live settings? What I had in mind was to display a window with a search QSO feature such as the ClubLog one on my page. Or maybe CommCat Live has the capacity to store a limited number our QSOs instead?

    Grant ZL3HA

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    Hi Grant--

    Thanks for your suggestion! Have you experimented with the on line CommCat log? ( My to-do list has the addition of a public expanded view of that log on your Live site.
    Howard W6HN


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      Thanks Howard,
      I'm just having a look at /mylog now. To be honest I forgot about that option (there are so many amazing features in this package!) so I'm having a look now. An option to display a public expanded view of that, together with a search function, on the Live site would be perfect at some point in the future - thanks again!
      Best 73