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FT-857D Mode problems and Log not keeping end time

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  • FT-857D Mode problems and Log not keeping end time

    Hi there all, wondering if anyone can tell me the cure to why my FT-857D Mode is being miss read by CommCat it is often seeing Fm as Am or Am as Fm when I switch to FM sometimes CommCat changes to say LSB only way is to click CommCat to FM to get it to match what mode the rig is really on some times I click Fm on commcat and it then switches Radio to Fm but then Commcat switches to say Radio is LSB ?

    Settings are
    Com 3
    Rate 4800
    Data Bits 8
    Stop Bits 1
    Parity none
    RTS DTS Both ticked
    CW SideBand LSB
    Polling Rig Refresh Factor 3

    Other problem is CommCat Log is not always keeping the End QSO time, Some QSO's it is and some it is not, I have tried QSO Edit and re typed i End Time and clicked ok but it still leaves End time blank? The problem is kind of random as to what QSO's are effected.

    Version of CommCat is 4.6.6 wanting to get this fixed as moving Permanently to Philippines and want to be using this Program while there.

    Has anyone had the same problems or knows a fix ?
    thanks in advance Tony

    I have also posted the Part about the Rig Mode problems to the Yaesu part of forum as is a Yaesu problem
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