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  • Sharing Serial Ports

    Have you ever wanted to run several programs at the same time, each of which can control your radio? Here is a way to do that, suggested by David, N2OGK (who happens to use an Elecraft K3):

    You might be interested in this since it can help sell the program if someone is using another program that ties up their serial port. This is a nice program to run multiple programs from the same serial port. You create a splitter with it and then you can run the K3 with 4 programs at the same time. I tried CommCat, HRD, Kcom and the K3 Utility all able to work simultaneously on one port. Here is the link and best of all it is free:

    Eterlogic's "Virtual Serial Port Emulator,"

    Before running this I had to shut down CommCat to run the K3 utility or any other program that used the same port.
    Howard W6HN