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Ham Band Plan, How to display the name of a Sub Band or a particular qrg usage ?

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  • Ham Band Plan, How to display the name of a Sub Band or a particular qrg usage ?

    Hi!, Is any way to display the particular operating mode and the name of a prefered use when watching the Band Spread window on the Tuner Panel ? I mean if I want operate QRP CW on 40m. that according the IARU Band Plan for Region-1 is 7.030 how can I get that info from the Tuner pannel? I previosly had modified the Ham Band Plan to set all that particular parameters, but all I get is only the "favored mode" action ( switch the radio to ssb-cw etc.)
    I think that is important to control the legal mode and particular use on each sub band, otherwise transmitting by mistake ssb inside a Data sub band or QRO on a QRP frecuency could lead to legal issues. Yes I know I can check for that the ham band plan, but must be a clearer way that I,m not able to make out. I should like I could acces easily to the "Notes" column that appear at the Ham Band Plan table with the descrption of any particular frecuency / sub band.

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    Hello Pere,

    There is a way you can show custom information on the Tuner bandspread dials. Look in My Documents\COMMSOFT\CommCat\BMPs and you will see a folder named contains templates for each of the dials. For example, bandspread7.bmp is for the 40-meter band.

    If CommCat finds a bmp file named bandspread7.bmp in the BMPs folder, it uses that image rather than the internal bandspread. Therefore, you can unzip the files and modify them anyway you like. Those modified images will show in CommCat.

    73, Howard W6HN
    Howard W6HN