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CommCat 4.9.0 Released

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  • CommCat 4.9.0 Released

    CommCat 4.9.0 can be downloaded here. Download the file and double-click to start the installation.

    Special thanks to Bob, VP8LP, who encouraged and tested many of the new features. Here is a list of what is new:

    1. Fldigi support
    • Control Fldigi from CommCat.
    • Control CommCat from Fldigi
    • Automatic transfer of logged QSO's from Fldigi to CommCat
    2. Advanced Log QSO History
    • Sidebar shows original QSO History list or new Super Check Partial (SCP) list
    • SCP shows calls matching characters as you enter a call in the Call box
    • Add external lists to show external data plus your own log
    • Advanced Log Sidebar can be detached from the Advanced Log window
    3. Advanced Log
    • RST-R and RST-S automatically tab to next field when the proper number of characters is entered
    • YL field added to denote YL contacts for awards
    • Worked Before (WB4) window added
    4. Telnet spots
    • Telnet settings now accommodate site passwords
    4. Instant Web Page
    • Bypass bio and images to speed up lookups
    5. Bug fixes

    CommCat 4.9.0 is a free update.

    73, Howard W6HN
    Howard W6HN