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CommCat 3.10 Released

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  • CommCat 3.10 Released

    I'm pleased to announce that CommCat 3.10 is now ready for download. Click here to download the update, or navigate to the CommCat Downloads page. This is a free update.

    Here are the changes:

    1. CommCat RTTY mode added.
    2. Interface to QRZ updated to accommodate their site changes.
    3. DXCC Award template files updated.
    4. CommCat Backup now includes all user databases.
    5. Bug fixes.
    6. Help and CommCat.pdf updated.

    The most significant addition is the ability to operate RTTY from within CommCat. The RTTY feature uses the MMTTY engine that is available as freeware. Click here to go to the MMTTY download page. (The current version is 1.66G.) This program must be installed on your computer for the CommCat RTTY feature to appear.

    After MMTTY is installed, start CommCat and go to File, Settings, Station, Modes, RTTY Options. Put a check in the MMTTY box. Once the settings window is closed you will see the new RTTY button on the CommCat toolbar and in the Tools menu. See the RTTY Help topic for more information on how to use this new feature.

    Ange, W8ERN, and Chuck, N6OJ, have been a big help getting these new features ready for release.
    Howard W6HN