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CommCat 3.8 Released

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  • CommCat 3.8 Released

    I'm pleased to announce that a major update of CommCat to version 3.8 is now ready for download. Click here to go to the download page for the update file, or navigate to

    You'll see differences right away. I've redone the menu and toolbars to improve their appearance, and added the ability to change the "skin" of CommCat to suit your preferences. I've added sidebars to the DX Spot Manager and Advanced Log to give you addtional flexibility when you are looking for information or operating. Here is a list of the changes:

    1. CommCat main window
    • New splash screen
    • Set program skin
    • New menu and toolbar system
    • Rotor control toolbar
    • Voice keyer toolbar (CommCatLive only)
    2. DX Spot Manager
    • Widget sidebar
    Spot info
    Spot Folders
    Band/Mode filter
    Direction filter
    Award filter
    Spot Watch
    Units Converter
    QSO Timer
    • Spot Processing annunciator
    • Quick access to Entity Status for any spot or spotter.
    3. Advanced Log
    • Widget sidebar
    QSO History
    QSO Filter
    QSO Picture
    QSO Timer
    Units Converter
    • All Contacts button is sticky
    • Spacebar looks up info in callbook
    • Call Field empty on start
    4. Band Spotter
    • Redesigned graphics
    • Faster response
    • Band edges clearly shown
    5. Telnet
    • Auto log on when window opens
    6. Rig Control
    • Better provisions for COM ports above 9
    • Improved dual receiver control
    • Rig command logging
    7. CommCatLive
    • Send logged QSO's to CommCat Twitter account
    8. CommCat online Help and pdf file updated

    Download the 3.8 update, then double-click the update icon to start installation. Be sure to read about the changes in the CommCat Help. I've also updated the CommCat Help pdf file, which can be downloaded from the same location as the CommCat update.

    Thank you to all who helped in with the testing of this major update.
    Howard W6HN