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CommCat 3.7 Released

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  • CommCat 3.7 Released

    CommCat version 3.7 is now ready for download on the CommCat site. Click here to download the update, or visit the download page at As always, this is a free update.

    Download the update to a convenient location. Double-click the package icon to start the install.

    The Demo version and pdf Help file have also been updated.

    This version has a number of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. CommCatLive home pages have been enhanced with new graphics and s-meter and log stats designs. CommCatLive users must update to 3.7 to take advantage of these improvements. Once you've updated CommCat, click Help, What's New, to learn more. In the meantime, here is a list:

    1. CommCat main window
    • Current propagation conditions shown
    2. Band Spotter
    • User settable font size and bold for spots
    • Extended data format preserved between sessions
    • Spot dupes eliminated
    • Stack button on menu bar to turn spot stacking on and off
    • Spots come from the selected folder in DX Spot Manager
    • Added +/-1 KHz resolution selection
    3. Advanced Log
    • Send selected QSO's from your log via e-mail
    4. Spots
    • Send spots to new DX Summit site from CommCat
    • Get announcements from new DX Summit site
    5. CommCatLive
    • CommCatLive home pages updated
    • Display image in place of log in privacy mode
    6. Radios
    • Improved Elecraft K3 support
    Howard W6HN