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App crashes when interacting with the GUI

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  • App crashes when interacting with the GUI

    I have had Commcat Mobile running successfully now for about a week. I have had a number of excellent QSOs so far remote. I use HRD with QSXer on the home PC and the mobile app on my Gen 4 IPHONE that has IOS 6.1.2.....

    I have had the app crash numerous times while trying to just use the GUI. It happened this evening trying to log a contact.

    One of things I find less than smooth is using the knob to tune the rig. The GUI slides around on me and the knob freezes up from time to time.

    Just now I tried to open the app and I hit more and settings and the app crashed.

    Anyway, it works to an extent.

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    Gosh, sorry you have run into glitches. There are several things to try that may help. The first is to reboot your iPhone from a cold start. Next, check the available free memory on your device using iTunes. If you are low, less than 500 mB or so, you will have crash problems because the iPhone uses free memory for temporary storage. Finally, we can check the crash logs on your device to see if it tells us a bit more about what is happening.

    The tuning knob on the iPhone takes some getting used to since you can also swipe the tuner to expose additional macro buttons. When you want to use the tuning knob, tap it for an instant, then start turning it. That way, the iPhone is notified that you aren't interested in moving the view, but rather want to turn the knob. (Some users prefer the +/- buttons to tune for that reason.)

    Let me know if the steps to mitigate the crashes aren't successful so we can take a look at the device log.

    73, Howard W6HN
    Howard W6HN