Four new updates are available for download.

CommCat 4.9 adds several new features including support for the popular Fldigi digital mode program, plus new ways to search for previous contacts in the Advanced Log.

QSXer 3.1 provides bug fixes and improved connection reliability to CommCat Mobile.

CommCat VP 2.2 brings some much needed speed increase to connections with other programs.

CommCat Mobile 2.6 has a new rotor bearing interface allowing direction to be set in degrees or by target grid square. This new version also reduces battery consumption while the app is operating in the background.

Here are the download links:

[URL=""]CommCat 4.9[/URL]
[URL=""]QSXer 3.1[/URL]
[URL=""]CommCat VP 2.2[/URL]
[URL=""]CommCat Mobile 2.6[/URL]

All CommCat updates and new version are free. Please back up your CommCat log before updating CommCat. Turn off your antivirus software temporarily while downloading and installing these updates.

Thanks to Bob, VP8LP, for his suggestions and help with testing.

73, Howard W6HN