QSXer 3.0 is ready for download at [URL]http://qsxer.com[/URL]. The new version is a major upgrade that has been redesigned to provide internal rig control and optional VoIP. QSXer is an ideal Windows program to provide a way for you to control your station from anywhere in the world with CommCat Mobile running on an iPhone or iPad.

Internal rig control allows CW operation and custom radio control macros from CommCat Mobile. VoIP is a simple way to add 2-way audio for remote operations. Audio between your iPhone/iPad and radio is connected with a single tap of a button.

If you would prefer, QSXer is compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe. Many remote control features are supported, and you can use VoIP.

QSXer is a free program. CommCat VoIP is $15 per year.

73, Howard W6HN[/QUOTE]
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