Apple has just approved the latest CommCat Mobile release, 2.4.1. It is now available for download from the App store on iTunes. CommCat Mobile will run on an iPhone, iPod or iPad using iOS 7.0 or later.

This update brings direct control of Elecraft and Kenwood radios to CommCat Mobile. CommCat, running on a Windows computer, is no longer required. You do need an Ethernet-to-serial adaptor so your radio can be connected to the Internet. It has been tested with the Global Cache, Glentek, Pignology, and Lava adaptors.

CommCat Mobile is the most complete iOS app available for running your station from across the room, or across the world. It provides radio control, logging, spot management, CW keyboard, callbook lookups, rotor control, remote notifications for needed DX spots, plus much more. CommCat Mobile is a free app.

73, Howard W6HN