Apple has approved CommCat Mobile 2.1 for release, and it is now on the app store ready for download. This version adds VoIP (Voice over IP) to provide 2-way audio in place of Skype. CommCat VoIP requires CommCat 4.5 or later, plus a CommCat Live account. Drop me a note if you wish to add VoIP to your Live account.

In addition, CommCat Mobile 1.2 adds a number of new views, including a Band Spotter similar to the one in CommCat.

[URL=""]Here is a link[/URL] to the app on iTunes.

I've also added a new feature to for CommCat Mobile users. For some time, CommCat has been able to send spot notifications to CommCat Mobile. You can receive word of new DX even if your iPhone is asleep or CommCat Mobile isn't running. Now you can set up the same spot notifications directly from, which means CommCat doesn't have to be running in your shack to receive alerts for needed spots.

Each new version of an app resets the iTunes rating system. If you are enjoying using CommCat Mobile, please take a moment to rate CommCat Mobile in iTunes.

73, Howard W6HN