The latest CommCat version, 4.0, is ready for download. If you are using any CommCat version prior to 4.0, the update is free. Go to the CommCat [URL=""]downloads page[/URL] to get the Demo or update version.

CommCat 4 comes with a new installation program that is compatible with Windows 7 (and Vista). No more "Run as administrator" for CommCat.

The CommCat Help system has also received a major makeover. You will find new ways to look for help, and even a button to send e-mail to CommCat support from any Help page. The PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of the manual also reflects the new style.

I've added a PSK module to CommCat in 4.0 so you can operate using this mode from within the program. The PSK module uses the MMVARI engine developed by Mako, JE3HHT. Mako also wrote the RTTY engine I added in 3.10, so you will already be familiar with the new window.

To round out the additions to 4.0, I've added several radios and one rotor to the list of supported devices.

Thanks to all who helped with the testing of CommCat 4.0, especially Ange, W8ERN, and Chuck, N6OJ.