My work on this update has been fun since there are so many noticeable changes. There are new looks and new features. For a complete list of new goodies, click [URL=""]here[/URL].

I've replaced the menu and toolbar system with modernized versions. The original toolbar component I used is now 10 years old! Our ideas about what looks good in screen design have changed quite a bit in the past decade.

You can change the skin of the CommCat windows. Now CommCat can look just like iTunes!

Sidebars have been added to the DX Spot Manager and Advanced Log windows. The sidebars provide tools to help filter spots, to learn more about DX stations and their operating habits, plus much more.

CommCatLive users can use the commcat account on Twitter to let others know as they work stations. You can see the Twitter page for CommCat at [URL][/URL].

Many of the new features in CommCat 3.8 were suggested by CommCat users. Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming!