Our house in Sonoma County uses electricity for everything...cooking, heating, hamming, well water, and more. I recently installed a power monitor, the [URL="http://www.theenergydetective.com/store/teds/ted-1001.html"]TED Model 1001[/URL], to let us eavesdrop on our power use. The TED measures power consumption each second and posts the results on a small monitor. In addition, the monitor is connected through a USB port to a computer so data can be recorded, processed, and displayed through a graphics program.

I've written a few simple programs to do some further exploring. For example, the current KW and voltage readings are sent to a web site so I can check up on current power consumption anywhere in the world through the browser on my cell phone. (That's fun, if not completely useful.)

If you have a CommCatLive site and a TED power monitor, drop me a line and I'll be pleased to share some of the programs I've written.