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Thread: PowerSDR & CommCat LIVE

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    Default PowerSDR & CommCat LIVE

    I heard W8ERN talking this weekend about CommCat. So my interest had the best of me and it was the weekend, so I got all the software downloaded and installed. Got it talking to my Flex 3000 and PowerSDR. Next I installed the iphone app and once I READ all the documentation, it was working great. Got the Skype accounts setup and I worked a guy in Hawaii on 15M durring the Hawaii QSO Party. I am still having trouble getting CW to work right but I just found the Help-Me file you wrote up on that. I will get home tonight and start on that. Thank you for a great app. How do I sign up as a BETA Tester??

    Thanks again...

    Dave - NZ6D

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    Hi Dave-

    Welcome to the forum, and to the CommCat community! You have make amazing progress in the few hours that you've been connected. I'll send a separate note about Beta testing.


    Howard W6HN


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