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    Lightbulb commcat log

    i have no line for date in my log, date appears on same line as time,, needless to say program will not accept qso because "no date found". this log on line 1 has entry for id nr. as if a contest log. I am embarrased to say that i have tried all avenues that i could think of including starting new log with no luck...any ideas?? Dave K2DRN

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    Hi Dave--

    Without seeing a screen shot, it sounds like the formatting template for your Advanced Log is missing or corrupt. Here is the way to replace it.

    1. Go to C:\Program Files\COMMSOFT\CommCat\CleanDB and copy the file named CommCatLog.

    2. Go to My Documents\COMMSOFT\CommCat\Settings and paste the file, replacing the one that is there.

    If this doesn't fix it, please send a screen shot to my normal email address. Thanks!


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