I used to use the old Commcat Mobile version 1.2 before, I thought that it was as good as it could get. Yet I was amazed by how many changes have been made to improve the use of this new version 1.3! Before it didn't do everything my Elecraft K3 was capable of doing, like Sending CW through CAT control. or making some changes to my rig (more about that later) But with this new version and the newly updated Commcat running on the shack computer they've fixed all of that. To take full advantage of this Mobile program you should really get the Commcat program that runs on your PC in the shack (although it's not required)... For me it made a big difference. I can now type directly into the keyboard on Commcat Mobile and send CW via CAT to my K3, no more interface boxes, just Serial Control!
With this new version I can also receive DX Push notifications from Commcat running at my home station. Out of no where I hear in Morse Code "DX" on my iphone and I know that something good is waiting for me to work using Commcat Mobile! With the new Direct Macro control in this version, via Commcat on my shack computer I can now actually control Volume, RF Power, turn on and off my Noise Blanker and Noise reducer, switch antennas, move my RIT up and down, I can even power up my rig!. The possibilities seem limitless! I don't work much SSB, but I see that now there's a dedicated button in the main window that allows me to Key my rig when I want to talk, that makes TX a LOT easier than having to use the old macro T/R button. Plus, it frees up yet another macro for me to Name and program with whatever else I want to use it for. I used to be a little worried that I may fat finger the jog wheel to far when tuning in a station, but now with the new +/- freq. buttons I know that I'm moving only the exact amount of Hz that I have the tuning speed set to! I'm not sure if it's just me, but this version seems to move a lot faster between the Spot menu (DX CLUSTER) and the tuner interface. Another great feature about this new version is, if I forget to select a rig to control or leave with Commcat controlling the wrong rig in my shack, this new version will actually allow me to automatically select up to 4 different rigs in the shack that I want to control..
The Logging on this version works SOOOO much better than HRD. I used to use the HRD remote station, but I could never log anything while out on the road I used to have to hand enter it all in again when I got home.. With this new Commcat Mobile version, I can log contacts, and then when I get home, using Commcat LIVE (another option of Commcat) I can SYNC my logs from the Commcat Mobile app up with my Main log in the shack! No more having to hand type everything in again... Plus with Commcat Mobile you get free QRZ type lookups (or if you have an account with QRZ you can actually use QRZ.com).
With all the new features I'm more stoked than ever to work my rig while out in the car waiting for the wife to get stuff done, or just hanging out where ever. I've already been told by my wife to stop making QSOs while we were at the dinner table out at the restaurant..LOL. The only draw back to this program is, I would like to see some kind of audio interface built in so that I don't have to rely on SKYPE anymore. Sure it's free, but I would love to get away from having two applications run at the same time. Otherwise, I'm really happy with what I've seen so far.