Good news from Apple arrived yesterday…they have accepted CommCat Mobile 1.3 and it is now available from iTunes. This update has a number of new features, but here are the 4 most exciting:

DX Spot Push Notifications. This is simply the most powerful spot announcement system I have seen. Use CommCat DX Spot Manager Rules (Conditions and Actions) to find spots of interest as you normally would. Add a new action to send the spot to your iPhone. One second after CommCat receives a qualifying spot, your iPhone sends a speedy “DX” in CW to let you know something is up. Your iPhone doesn’t have to be awake or actively running CommCat…it is all done behind the scenes by your CommCat computer, the MyQSX server, the Apple servers, and your iPhone…just like magic! Once you hear “-.. -..-” from your iPhone, launch CommCat, and you’ll be invited to tune to the latest spot. After two or three taps on your iPhone you are ready for action.

Custom Rig Macros. At last you can add the rig controls you want rather than being confined to the commands supported by CommCat. Power on or off? You bet. Special frequency commands? Yes! Antenna Tuner and antenna selection? Yes indeed…the list goes on. All this from your iPhone.

Added Tuner controls. I’ve had requests for a PTT button and an easier way to fine tune frequencies. The new version has a large PTT button to the left of the tuning knob that turns red when you touch it to go into Transmit. I’ve added + and – buttons to the right of the tuning knob for one-step tap-to-tune.

Radio Selection. Want to change from one radio to another while on the road? Select one of four radios, and CommCat Mobile does the rest.

To see more, here is the link to CommCat Mobile on iTunes (with screen shots):

Here is the online Help link:

CommCat Mobile is a free app. You can use it with CommCat or QSXer/HRD (limited features). Special thanks to Mike, N6MQL, and Dave, K5OZ, for their inspiration and help with version 1.3.


Howard W6HN