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Thread: Rotator control lost in version 4.4.0

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    Default Rotator control lost in version 4.4.0

    Hi Howard
    Thank you for the latest update. Under the previous version I had my Yaesu G-800DXA with Easy Rotor Control partially working in that it would receive commands from CommCat (but not as we know vice versa). Under this latest release I've lost that partial control. I've checked rotator settings in CommCat and all seems as it should be. I think I can eliminate issues outside of CommCat as the stand alone ERC control software still enables rotator control.
    Best 73
    Grant, ZL3HA

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    Hi Grant--

    I made several changes in the Yaesu control code...first thing to check are the settings in Radio/Ant where you specify the rotor. Make sure the correct one is selected (there are now 2 Yaesu selections, Yaesu 'A' and Yaesu 'B'). If it isn't a settings issue, we will need to run a rig log to see what data are being sent to the rotor.


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