CommCat 4.4, a major update, is now ready for download: There has never been a charge for new CommCat versions or updates, and the same is true for 4.4. Download and install over your existing version, it is not necessary to uninstall first.

There are many new features in 4.4:

1. Tuner

  • 6- and 2-meter Main and band spread dials added
  • Main dial expanded to show 100 kHz to 150 mHz
  • Band spread tuning with mouse wheel
  • Move Tuner outside main window using right-click menu
  • Use enter key to tune after changing digital frequency display

2. Band Spotter

  • Tuning with mouse wheel, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, or 1kHz per step
  • VFO Hold or Dial Hold tuning modes
  • Up/Dn tuning buttons added
  • Improved multi-Band Spotter window support
  • Mode and band access from Band Spotter
  • Easy-to-read digital frequency display
  • Change font face and size from View menu
  • Move window outside main window from View menu
  • Spot tool tip shows underlying DX Spot Manager rule

3. Advanced Log

  • Menu bar layout improved
  • Send spots from menu bar
  • QSL Now button reflects the last QSL type sent
  • Improved start/end QSO time control
  • Automatic callbook lookup when Call changes
  • Settings access from Advanced Log toolbar
  • Comments show all comments for the selected call
  • Submit eQSL automatically when call logged
  • Copy/Paste enabled for all fields
  • Dupe checking improved

4. Instant Web Page

  • New navigation bar
  • Weather data loaded automatically
  • Back and forth buttons retain call history
  • Copy selected text to clipboard

5. DX Spot Manager

  • Send iPhone DX Spot Push Notification action added

6. Radio Control

  • Radio control module rewritten for significantly improved performance
  • COM port support for radio ports above 8 improved
  • TS-950S and IC-7410 added
  • Send CW using Elecraft K3 internal keyer
  • DN added to main Split toolbar for negative splits
  • Radio name added to radio indicator in bottom status panel and Current Radio menu
  • Lock added to Mode toolbar to lock the current mode
  • Transmit button added to main toolbar

7. UTC Clock

  • UTC Clock window opened from Tools menu
  • Adjust to any size for easy reading
  • Move outside CommCat Main window

8. Backup

  • Back up to network drive
  • Back up to flash drive
  • Back up to CD-ROM

9. eQSL

  • Send eQSL each time you log
  • Create eQSL default comment for all submissions

10. Rotor control

  • Support for PSTRotator, up to 3 instances

11. CommCat Live

  • Use 'in QSO' to prevent time out of activity indicator
  • Synchronize MyQSX on line log with CommCat log
  • When you start a QSO, your site will show "in QSO with 'call'"


  • Resize windows
  • Settings and macro problems fixed
  • Log data clear button added
  • PSK window right-click text selection
  • Macro button area now shows 16 macros

13. MixW

  • Improved interface with CommCat

14. Many bug fixes throughout the program

I am grateful for the suggestions, feedback, and testing by a number of CommCat users. Mike, N6MQL, is the best bug finder I have ever seen, and was the guiding light behind many of the improvements in the Band Spotter and Advanced Log. Steve, W6SFK, is the artist behind the new set of band spread dials for the Tuner window. He also was a big help with the CommCat RTTY and PSK window debugging and improvements. In addition, Chuck, N6OJ; Gary, K9RX; Jeff, K6JW; Mike, W0MU; Don, KD6HQ; Robb, WB2HNP; and Brian, W3BW, were members of the invaluable beta team.

The new rig control, rewritten from the ground up, was the biggest challenge. A major goal was to reduce the system resources required for rig control. In the old version you could expect rig control to use 20-30% of CPU resources. The new version has reduced that by a factor of 10. This results in significantly improved program responsiveness.

An updated PDF version of the manual can be downloaded from the CommCat download page using the link above.